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 Spare parts


·    Revision of multi-brand compressors of all sizes and power;
·    Revision of ammonia / Freon pumps (Hermetic, Witt, etc.);
·    Revision of oil pumps (Viking, PQ, Morgan...);

Refrigeration Cells
·    Engineering, design and installation of cells;
·    On-site in depth study of case and particulars;
·    Key-in-hand customized solutions for every application;

Pre-existing refrigerating plants

·    Planned maintenance contracts;
·    Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance;
·    Study and processing of solutions for any extensions and / or upgrades;
·    Plant management as per local current norms and regulations;
·    Preventive vibrometric controls;

We also supply
·    Compressors of all brands;
·    Fans;
·    Capacitors;
·    Evaporators;
·    Pumps;
·    Valves;
·    Sale of spare parts for refrigeration equipment (Danfoss, Parker, Herl, Carel, Castel,).

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